Life in the slow lane

33975_Slower_Traffic_Wide_FPIn two weeks we are leaving the bay area, picking up a trailer and headed out. In preparation, on my last few site visits, I've been renting larger vehicles (Jeep/ CRV) through zipcar.  The goal is to get use to the spatial awareness needed to drive a truck rather than our little coupe.

Today when driving back from Mountain View to San Francisco I decided to take it a little further to see what it would be like to pull a trailer. We won't have the luxury of changing lanes quickly to go around a slow vehicle so I practiced by staying in the right lane (the ENTIRE way home in traffic).

Growing up on the East Coast, I typically don't have a ton of patience for California drivers but I found when you accept the traffic... you don't stress as much. Less stress and an increase in head space that driving slower can bring is what I am looking forward to... I did forget a few times and almost changed lanes before I caught myself. I still have more practicing to do...