Meanwhile in 1995

The blog name is a tribute to the model of our Lance Travel Trailer. Here's a quick tribute to the year 1995. In 1995:

  • Sarah and Dylan were 9 years old
  • Michael Jordan returned to the NBA, ending his retirement.
  • Windows 95 released by Microsoft
  • Ebay started
  • was launched
  • DVD, optical disc storage media format, is announced.
  • Bill Clinton was in his 3rd year of office.
  • American rock band Grateful Dead announce break up
  • Toy Story, Batman Forever, Apollo 13, Pocahontas, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, GoldenEye, Casper, Jumanji, Die Hard With a Vengeance, and Braveheart were in theaters.
  • OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his wife.
  • The final episode of Full House aired.
  • Sony released PlayStation.
  • The George Foreman grill was first released


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