We bought a trailer!... Almost ;)

Sarah's parents decided to come to town one last time to visit us in San Francisco before we leave. We drove down to go see the our trailer (that we have a deposit on) to evaluate how it looked.

Our new friends at LOA (Lance Owners of America) had a 13 page document that explains in detail how to scour over every inch of your new trailer to confirm that everything is installed and functioning correctly. We spent over two hours pouring over the Lance 1995 trailer getting to know the trailer worked and checking for any flaws. Happy to report that our trailer was in great shape!

In a few weeks, we will go pick up the trailer to make the final purchase. On that day, the dealer will have power and water hooked up to the trailer for us to do our final inspections. We'll also get an hour lesson from their tech before we take off.

We've scheduled our walk-through for Thursday, August 25th and then we're on our way!