Yellowstone + Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park, aka the first National Park in the US (!!) is most well known for its' powerful eruptions from Old Faithful Geyser but it will also take your breath away with its' wildlife and hot springs (and I mean literally take your breath away... the sulphur is intense). Yellowstone NP is huge and correspondingly, draws huge crowds (but for good reason).  40 miles south is the lesser known Teton National Park which is worth more than just a stop over. The Teton Mountain Range will knock your socks off, especially if you camp offgrid...for free...with this view... I tried (harder than normal) to convince Dylan that this should be our new permanent residence! We have since moved on, but I am confident we will be back to this spot again one day. 

Upper View Campground, Grand Teton


GRAND Teton National Park




Yellowstone National Park


  • Camp: Anywhere you can snag a spot in the park, helpful website here which includes live fill up times. Camping in the park with a travel trailer or tent for that matter, can get a bit intense because of the crowds. We stayed at Madison Campground and Bridge Bay Campground (both take reservations) which were both decent options for maneuvering through the park.
  • Yoga: At your campsite...near a backcountry geyser...whatever suited you best...
  • Eat: At your campsite/fire. **Make sure to grocery shop before you enter the park. There are a view National Park grocery stores but trust me, your wallet will not thank you... 
  • Hike: SO many options, here are your MUST DOs..