Our First Time Dry Camping

Dry camping = pretty much camping with no electric/water/sewer connections = cheaper (yes!), typically more space and exposure to more wilderness = RV peacefulness!

We stayed in Lone Pine Campground, $20/night and less than 10 min drive to Mt. Whitney hiking. Campsites are typically not as level or easy to access as those in RV campgrounds so you will need to get out your leveling and wheel blocks as necessary (totally worth it)! Our Lance 1995 is ideal for off grid camping, it is equipped with:

  • three (3) 45 gallon tanks for fresh water, greywater and blackwater
  • two (2) six (6) volt batteries (one comes standard)
  • two (2) propane tanks
  • 140W solar panel (we choose to add)
Lone Pine Campground California
Lone Pine Campground California

Some folks also refer to dry/off grid camping as boondocking/independent parking etc. Boondocking is more of a term used for free camping on public land with no hook ups/established campsites. Below are a few helpful resources for those interested:

  • FreeCampsites.net - pretty much the best free campsite info available and has an interactive map
  • Map of RV Dump Stations (since you are not connected to sewer at your site) - through the same community as freecampsites.net, this site maps out dump station alongs your route, includes cost and reviews from past users including easability of use.
  • Campendium - another fantastic (newer) website for free camping info with interactive map (also maps out dump stations).
Lone Pine Campground California