Some background...


Sarah and I have been thinking for a while about where we want to call home next (pictured above: Sarah imagining a few spots two years ago on a hike to Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, MT). Just recently, we finally made the decision to go on a six-month long cross country trip to find out where we want to live. We are very comfortable in San Francisco but feel unsettled renting in the city. We don't see a long-term future where we are - primarily because of the crowds and the high cost of living. We have narrowed down potential long-term towns/cities and plan to visit each one to see which is the best fit. We've decided to buy a trailer to live in on the trip and will be buying a pickup truck to pull the trailer. In each town and city we will find a place to park the trailer and travel around by car or bike.

Here is a link to the trailer (lance 1995) and pickup truck (GMC Canyon) we've settled on.

 Lance 1995

Lance 1995