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On our travels, SO many people tell us, "Wow, what you are doing sounds amazing, wish I could do that."  Well, you can! and here are a few products to ease your transition to Life On The Road. 






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More products we love:



Andersen levelers

We call these the "marriage savers." Yes, buy them. Before Andersen's we used those legos - where you stack up to three and build a little pyramid. Not anymore... These are fast, easy and will save you so much time when setting up camp. YOU NEED THEM. For dual-axle trailers you need to buy two. Think of it this way... spend $80 or spend $$$ for counseling, you choose.  For the Lance, we had to cut one down to fit between the axles. Check out a video of how it works here: VIDEO



LAdder Bike Rack

This low profile ladder bike rack is perfect for hauling your bikes around on the back of any RV ladder. Many RV bumpers either cannot hold weight or have a disclaimer that says you'll void the warranty if you attach anything to them. This ladder is light, easy to use, relatively inexpensive and super durable. We get asked about this product at almost every campsite, check it out! 









Sony A7

This is the camera Dylan uses. One of the least expensive and lightest full frame cameras. Sony also has an A7II, a newer model but that's why this really high quality camera is such a good deal. Takes amazing low light pictures. 



All in one Sony Lens

This is the lens Dylan uses. By forgoing the kit lens you can save $300 and put it towards a nicer lens. He loves this lens because it is great for all occasions. You can take wide landscape photos and then zoom way in on wildlife without having to dig in your bag for another lens. It's definitely not the lightest but paired with the light A7 it's more than manageable. 






Another MUST have. This will protect against power surges & low voltage that can ruin equipment. Consider this super cheap insurance for the electrical system in your camper.



You will need these... trust us! Not only do they look great - they work really well too! 




This is ultra-portable that Dylan easily takes with us on hikes. It takes professional quality videos and photos at a price comparable to a DSLR camera. You might want to invest in some accessories. Each battery lasts about 20-25 minutes so you can take tons of great shots without having to constantly change out batteries.

We highly recommended the Mavic Pro for those who are thinking about getting into drone photograph while hiking. Our only regreat is not having this one sooner!     


All of the products above we endorse because we use them or have aspirations of owning them. We are part of Amazon's affiliate program, so when you click through and purchase (costs you nothing extra) we get a small commission.

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